Reverse Logistics Services

Make returns & repairs easier

Reverse logistics presents one of the biggest operational challenges in the supply chain arena, especially due to the hurdles posed by volume management and cost of processing returns. However, effective reverse logistics has proven to massively contribute directly through decreased resource investment levels and reductions in storage and distribution costs and improved customer satisfaction. Forte Rapida’s innovative processes help solve the challenges of even high complex take-back and reverse scenarios through effective solutions that work for each customer.

inventory control

Inventory Control: The efficient management of inventory is the lynchpin of effective reverse logistics. Delays, inaccuracies, and poor tracking techniques and technologies can cause serious problems, and may even lead to loss of business. We ensure best-in-class inventory control with quality inspections, precise sorting methods, and proper tracking of your packages.

return management

Return Management: Returns and recalls are an unfortunate, yet inevitable part of the supply chain. Hollingsworth is the ideal return management partner to help minimize the costs of reverse logistics and ensure the best possible customer experience. We provide all services associated with aftermarket activity to preserve environmental resources and optimize savings. 

why outsource reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics is quite complex, and experience has a significant impact on its success. Outsourcing this critical service is perhaps the easiest way to ensure optimal efficiency and ongoing accuracy, and is actually quite cost effective in the long run.